Humanoid Path Planner Documentation

HPP (Humanoid Path Planner) is a collection of software packages implementing path planning functionalities for a humanoid robot. The core functionalities are well suited to solve classical path planning problems. It can be extended to path planning for other types of robots like digital actors for instance.


Installation instructions can be found on github.

Overview of the architecture

The code relative to HPP is distributed into several software packages. See dependency graph for a quick view of the package hierarchy.

The packages are distributed into the following categories:

The algorithmic part, built on hpp-core is embedded in corba servers implemented by hpp-corbaserver or extensions like hpp-manipulation-corba. The corba servers are linked to executable hppcorbaserver.

From a python terminal, clients to the corba servers can be created in order to control the executable. The control of the application is performed via idl interfaces and python classes available in Corba interfaces.

Results of path planning requests as well as individual configurations can be displayed in gepetto-gui via package hpp-gepetto-viewer.

Getting started

Package hpp_tutorial provides some examples of how to use this project.