crocoddyl  1.9.0
Contact RObot COntrol by Differential DYnamic programming Library (Crocoddyl)
ImpulseData6DTpl< _Scalar > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

typedef ImpulseDataAbstractTpl< Scalar > Base
typedef MathBaseTpl< Scalar > MathBase
typedef MathBase::Matrix6xs Matrix6xs

Public Member Functions

template<template< typename Scalar > class Model>
 ImpulseData6DTpl (Model< Scalar > *const model, pinocchio::DataTpl< Scalar > *const data)

Public Attributes

MatrixXs df_dx
 Jacobian of the contact forces.
MatrixXs dv0_dq
pinocchio::ForceTpl< Scalar > f
Matrix6xs fJf
pinocchio::FrameIndex frame
 Frame index of the contact frame.
pinocchio::SE3Tpl< Scalar >::ActionMatrixType fXj
MatrixXs Jc
 Contact Jacobian.
pinocchio::SE3Tpl< Scalar > jMf
 Local frame placement of the contact frame.
pinocchio::DataTpl< Scalar > * pinocchio
 Pinocchio data.
Matrix6xs v_partial_dq
Matrix6xs v_partial_dv

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar>
struct crocoddyl::ImpulseData6DTpl< _Scalar >

Definition at line 333 of file fwd.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ f

pinocchio::ForceTpl<Scalar> f

External spatial force at the parent joint level. Note that we could compute the force at the contact frame by using jMf (i.e. data.jMf.actInv(data.f)

Definition at line 48 of file force-base.hpp.

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