ImpulseDataMultipleTpl< _Scalar > Struct Template Reference

Define the multi-impulse data. More...

#include <multiple-impulses.hpp>

Public Types

typedef ImpulseItemTpl< Scalar > ImpulseItem
typedef ImpulseModelMultipleTpl< Scalar > ImpulseModelMultiple
typedef MathBaseTpl< Scalar > MathBase
typedef MathBase::MatrixXs MatrixXs
typedef MathBase::VectorXs VectorXs

Public Member Functions

template<template< typename Scalar > class Model>
 ImpulseDataMultipleTpl (Model< Scalar > *const model, pinocchio::DataTpl< Scalar > *const data)
 Initialized a multi-impulse data. More...

Public Attributes

MatrixXs dv0_dq
MatrixXs dvnext_dx
pinocchio::container::aligned_vector< pinocchio::ForceTpl< Scalar > > fext
 External spatial forces in body coordinates.
ImpulseModelMultiple::ImpulseDataContainer impulses
 Stack of impulse data.
MatrixXs Jc
VectorXs vnext

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar>
struct crocoddyl::ImpulseDataMultipleTpl< _Scalar >

Define the multi-impulse data.

See also

Definition at line 260 of file multiple-impulses.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ImpulseDataMultipleTpl()

ImpulseDataMultipleTpl ( Model< Scalar > *const  model,
pinocchio::DataTpl< Scalar > *const  data 

Initialized a multi-impulse data.

[in]modelMulti-impulse model
[in]dataPinocchio data

Definition at line 277 of file multiple-impulses.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Jc

MatrixXs Jc

Contact Jacobian in frame coordinate \(\mathbf{J}_c\in\mathbb{R}^{ni_{total}\times{nv}}\) (memory defined for active and inactive impulses)

Definition at line 298 of file multiple-impulses.hpp.

◆ dv0_dq

MatrixXs dv0_dq

Jacobian of the desired spatial contact acceleration in frame coordinate \(\frac{\partial\underline{\mathbf{v}}_0}{\partial\mathbf{q}}\in\mathbb{R}^{ni_{total}\times{nv}}\) (memory defined for active and inactive impulse)

Definition at line 302 of file multiple-impulses.hpp.

◆ vnext

VectorXs vnext

Constrained system velocity after impact in generalized coordinates \(\dot{\mathbf{v}'}\in\mathbb{R}^{nv}\)

Definition at line 306 of file multiple-impulses.hpp.

◆ dvnext_dx

MatrixXs dvnext_dx

Jacobian of the system velocity after impact in generalized coordinates \(\frac{\partial\dot{\mathbf{v}'}}{\partial\mathbf{x}}\in\mathbb{R}^{nv\times < ndx}\)

Definition at line 309 of file multiple-impulses.hpp.

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