crocoddyl  1.9.0
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ResidualDataFramePlacementTpl< _Scalar > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

typedef ResidualDataAbstractTpl< Scalar > Base
typedef DataCollectorAbstractTpl< Scalar > DataCollectorAbstract
typedef MathBaseTpl< Scalar > MathBase
typedef MathBase::Matrix6s Matrix6s
typedef MathBase::Matrix6xs Matrix6xs
typedef MathBase::Vector6s Vector6s

Public Member Functions

template<template< typename Scalar > class Model>
 ResidualDataFramePlacementTpl (Model< Scalar > *const model, DataCollectorAbstract *const data)

Public Attributes

Matrix6xs fJf
 Local Jacobian of the frame.
pinocchio::DataTpl< Scalar > * pinocchio
 Pinocchio data.
VectorXs r
 Residual vector.
Matrix6s rJf
 Error Jacobian of the frame.
pinocchio::SE3Tpl< Scalar > rMf
 Error frame placement of the frame.
MatrixXs Ru
 Jacobian of the residual vector with respect the control.
MatrixXs Rx
 Jacobian of the residual vector with respect the state.
 Shared data allocated by the action model.

Detailed Description

template<typename _Scalar>
struct crocoddyl::ResidualDataFramePlacementTpl< _Scalar >

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