Bruno Watier

Address: LAAS-CNRS
7, avenue du Colonel Roche
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4
Tel: +33 5 61 33 78 97
Assistant: +33 5 61 33 64 69 (Delphine Fourcade-Koch)

Current Position

I am an Associate Professor in classical mechanics and biomechanics at Université de Toulouse, southern France. I teach at Université Paul Sabatier and at ISAE. I am conducting my research at LAAS-CNRS, in the GEPETTO group.

Research Interests

My research focus on human motion analysis and modelisation of the muskuloskletal system. Using Newton-Euler formalism my projects aim to compute joint torques by the way of inverse dynamics.

These developments were done for better understanding human motions like cycling, walking, running, swimming...

At LAAS, my projects aim at transferring dynamic invariants to anthropomorphic robots. By the way of inverse optimal control, I try to extract some invariants in human whole body motions. These invariants are then used by the stack of tasks to simulate the motion.

Selected Publications

All the publications are avaiblable here (with pdf files if available).

Teaching and Tutorials

Classical méchanics:

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Newton and Lagrangian formalism
  3. Continuum mechanics


  1. Basic biomechanics
  2. Inverse dynamics
  3. Methodological aspect of human motion analysis