2018 Nov 21

PhD Defense by Florent Forget

Modeling and control of actuators for humanoid robotics

2018 Oct 23

PhD Defense by Dinesh Atchuthan

Towards New Sensing Capabilities For Bipedal Locomotion using Low-Cost IMUs

2018 Oct 15

PhD Defense by Pierre Fernbach

Modèles réduits fiables et efficaces pour la planification et l’optimisation de mouvement des robots à pattes en environnements contraints

2018 Oct 10

PhD Defense by Thomas Flayols

Exploitation du Retour en Force Pour l’Estimation et le Contrôle des Robots Marcheurs

2018 May 16

Philippe Souères on France Culture

La méthode scientifique: Muscles synthétiques : fort comme un robot

2018 Apr 23

PhD Defense by Mathieu Geisert

Contrôle Optimal et Apprentissage automatique pour Robots Humanoïdes et Aériens (Optimal Control and Machine Learning for Humanoid and Aerial Robots)

2017 Dec 13

PhD Defense by Nirmal Giftsun

Handling Variability and Uncertainty in Robot Control

2017 Dec 12

PhD Defense by Nassime Blin

Planification Interactive de Mouvement avec Contact (Interactive Motion Planning with Contact)

2017 Dec 08

PhD Defense by Galo Maldonado

Analyse et Génération de Mouvements Hautement Dynamiques des Systèmes Anthropomorphes. Application au Parkour. (Analysis and Generation of Highly Dynamic Motions of Anthropomorphic Systems: Application to Parkour)

2017 Dec 07

Jean-Paul Laumond elected a fellow of the French Academie des Sciences

Press Release

2017 Nov 30

Workshop Wording Robotics

The fourth Workshop of the Anthropomorphic Motion Factory was held on November 30-December 01, 2017.

2017 Nov 18

Olivier Stasse sur TF1

Quand un robot réalise un salto arrière

La société américaine Boston Dynamics a diffusé une vidéo montrant les progrès de son robot Atlas.

2017 Oct 20

Jean-Paul Laumond sur France Culture

De la robotique envisagée comme une question

Serge Tisseron s’entretient avec Jean-Paul Laumond, roboticien, directeur de recherche au LAAS-CNRS à Toulouse.

2017 Oct 17

PhD Defense by Alexis Mifsud

Estimation et stabilisation de l'état d'un robot humanoïde compliant

2017 Oct 03

PhD Defense by Guilhem Saurel

Génération de mouvement en robotique mobile et humanoïde

2017 Sep 01

Jean-Paul Laumond dans Le Monde

Jean-Paul Laumond : « Equiper un drone d’un armement change totalement le paradigme »

Pour le chercheur spécialiste de la robotique Jean-Paul Laumond, l’utilisation militaire de l’intelligence artificielle pose de nouvelles questions éthiques.

2017 Sep 01

PhD Defense by Justin Carpentier

Fondements Calculatoires de la Locomotion Anthropomorphe (Computational Foundations of Anthropomorphic Locomotion)

2017 Jul 07

PhD Defense by Mylène Campana

Planification de mouvements pour acteurs digitaux (Motion planning for digital actors)

2017 Jun 14

Jean-Paul Laumond sur France Culture

Boston Dynamics : les robots prennent le pouvoir

Boston Dynamics a-t-elle révolutionné la fabrication des robots ? Les robots sont-ils vraiment notre futur ? La guerre de demain sera-t-elle robotisée ? Les robots peuvent-ils tout apprendre ou tout nous apprendre ?

2017 Feb 21

PhD Defense by Joseph Mirabel

Planification de mouvement pour objets documentés.

Available on theses.fr.

2017 Feb 9


Our new robot, Pyrène, was unveiled to the public:

CNRS Le Journal (fr) Le Monde (fr) Sciences et Avenir (fr) l’Usine Nouvelle (fr)

2016 Dec 22

PhD Defense by Ganesh Kumar

Design, modeling and control of inherently compliant actuators with a special consideration on agonist-antagonist anthropomorphic configuration

2016 Dec 5

Workshop on Humanoid and Legged Robots

The Winter school on Humanoid and Legged Robots was held on December 5-6-7, 2016.

2016 Nov 24

Workshop Biomechanics of Anthropomorphic Systems

The third Workshop of the Anthropomorphic Motion Factory was held on November 24-25, 2016.

The videos of the talks are available on youtube.

2016 Nov 14

PYREN, the first robot of the TALOS serie

From November 14th to November 19th we have receiving PYREN, the first robot from PAL-Robotics of the TALOS serie.

2016 Oct 15

Fête de la Science

The "Fête de la Science" for the general public was help on Saturday October 15th.

2016 Oct 04

PhD Defense by Christian Vassallo

Human-inspired models for guiding robot locomotion

Available on this site.

2016 Sep 28

PhD Defense by Maximillien Naveau

Available on this site.

2015 Dec 09

Jean-Paul Laumond elected a fellow of the French Académie des Technologies

Press Release

2015 Dec 01

Workshop Geometric and Numerical Foundations of Movements

The second Workshop of the Anthropomorphic Motion Factory was held on November 19-20, 2015.

The videos of the talks are available on youtube.

2015 Oct 5

PhD Defense by Olivier Roussel

Motion planning for elastic rods

The motion planning problem has been broadly studied in the case of articulated rigid body systems but so far few work have considered deformable bodies. In particular, elastic rods such as electric cables, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, appear in many industrial contexts. Due to complex models and high number of degrees of freedom, the extension of motion planning methods to such bodies is a difficult problem. By taking advantage of the properties of static equilibrium configurations, this thesis presents several approaches to the motion planning problem for elastic rods. See more

2015 Mar 31

Visit of Richard Murray

Visit of Richard Murray (CalTech).

2015 Feb 18

Nicolas Mansard receveid the Bronze Medal of the CNRS

Press release

2014 Oct 3

Workshop WP6 Euroc

Visit of Euroc Project members (LAAS, DLR, IPA, CREATE, ETHZ) during the opening workshop.

2014 Jul 3

Visit of Michael Gleicher

Seminar topic: Many different things we do as computer scientists involve doing things that will be viewed and interpreted by people. In this talk, I will discuss how we have been applying ideas from perceptual science to two very different areas: data visualization and human/agent interaction. I will describe how we have been developing an understanding of the visual system's abilities to see aggregate properties (like average value) and applying this knowledge to design new information presentations. I will also describe methods for applying machine learning technologies to simplify data so that it is easier to comprehend. I will describe how the knowledge and techniques of perceptual science is influencing our work in character animation. Specifically, I will describe our efforts to understand how subtle aspects of movement can be controlled to create communicative effects. I will show examples about how virtual agents move their eyes, and discuss our work to apply these same ideas to robots. I will also introduce a new effort to consider robot arm motion.

Bio: Michael Gleicher is a Professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Prof. Gleicher is founder of the Department's Computer Graphics group. His research interests span the range of visual computing, including data visualization, image and video processing tools, virtual reality, and character animation techniques for films, games and robotics. Prior to joining the university, Prof. Gleicher was a researcher at The Autodesk Vision Technology Center and in Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group. He earned his Ph. D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, and holds a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University. For the 2013-2014 academic year, he is a visiting researcher at INRIA Rhone-Alpes. Prof. Gleicher is an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

2014 Jun 12

Nicolas Mansard's course

At the end of his course "Robotics and motion generation", Nicolas Mansard showed his students the execution of motions on HRP-2.

2014 Apr 23

ISAE visit

Visit of students of ISAE, a French engineering school in Toulouse, France.

2014 Apr 04

The behaviors of things

Presentation of the research project Behaviors

2014 Mar 17

PAL Robotics visit

Visit of the PAL robotics team and presentation of REEM-C.

See more about PAL Robotics.

2014 Feb 6

Saphari visit

Visit of the FP-7 Saphari project during the review meeting.

2013 Nov 18-19

Gepetto Workshop

This year, the team workshop was honoured by the presence of several invited guests. Two days of intensive scientific exchanges in the center town of Toulouse. See all the pictures.

2013 Jul 1

HDR defense of Nicolas Mansard

Semiotics of motion

The work presented in this thesis is aiming at establishing the bases of a semiotics of motion, in order to facilitate the programming of complex robotics systems. The objective is to build a symbolic model of the action, based on the analysis of the numerical functions that drive the motion (control and planning). The methodology comes from the well-known robotics concepts: motion-planning algorithms, control of redundant systems and task-function approach. The originality of the work is to consider the task as the unifying concept both to describe the motion and to control its execution.

See more

2013 Jun 3

PhD Defense by Antonio El Khoury

Planning Optimal Motions for Anthropomorphic Systems

This thesis deals with the development and study of algorithms for planning optimal motions for anthropomorphic systems, which are underactuated and highly redundant systems, such as humanoid robots and digital actors. See more

2013 Apr 4

Habilitation Defense by Olivier Stasse

Vision Based Motion Generation for Humanoid Robots

This thesis presents my research activities on real-time vision-based behaviors for complex robots such as humanoids...

2013 Feb 8

Visit of PAL Robotics delegation

Visit of PAL Robotics. An overview seminar will be given by Francesco Ferro in Conference Room, 2PM.

Download the presentation here

2012 Dec 10

Class about compliant actuators by Irene Sardellitti

Visit of Irene Sardellitti from IIT Genova. Four hours of class about new compliant actuators are scheduled on the mornings of Monday Dec 10 and Tuesday Dec 11, and a seminar on Monday Dec 10 at 4PM.

Title: New compliant actuators for the next generation of human-friendly robots with enhanced capabilities

2012 Oct 30

Duong Dang PhD Defense

Title: Manipulation et locomotion en robotique humanoïde avec optimisation temps réel des pas Reviewers: Philippe Fraisse (LIRMM, Montpellier) and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (Flowers, Bordeaux)

Keywords: HRP2, locomotion and manipulation fusion, reactivity

2012 Oct 1

New PhD students

Olivier Roussel and Andreas Orthey have started their PhD, respectively with Michel Taïx on deformable object path planning and with Olivier Stasse on deep learning.

2012 Sep 18

Thomas Moulard PhD Defense

This thesis title is "Numerical Optimization for robotics and closed-loop trajectory execution".

The presented work is divided into two parts. In the first one, an unified computer representation for numerical optimization problems is proposed. This model allows to define problems independently from the algorithm used to solve it. This unified model is particularly interesting in robotics where exact solutions are difficult to find. The second part is dealing with complex trajectory execution on humanoid robots with sensor feedback. When a biped robots walks, contact points often slip producing a drift which is necessary to compensate. We propose here a closed-loop control scheme allowing the use of sensor feedback to cancel execution errors. To finish, a method for the the development of complex robotics application is detailed. This thesis contributions have been implemented on the HRP-2 humanoid robot.

2012 Apr 15

New Gepetto Website is open.

The new Gepetto web site is now open. All the sections are not fill up yet, but new data will keep coming. To be added soon: the pdf of the team bibliography, and the video database of the robot.

2012 Apr 2

HRP2 in demonstration in Collège de France, Paris.

In the frame of the Collège de France 2011/2012 Technological Innovation Lilliane Bettencourt Chair 'ROBOTICS THE FOUNDATIONS OF A DISCIPLINE', the robot HRP-2 will be presented in Paris. The lecture will last one hour. The robot will execute seven demonstrations. The video of the lecture will be available online shortly after the lecture.

2012 Jan 15

New ANR Grant Flecto.

The group has been founded by the ANR for the call "Numerical Models", to study the motion of deformable objects, like cables. The project will be realized in collaboration with the CEA/LIST of Fontenay-Aux-Roses, and the company KineoCam from Toulouse.

2011 Oct

Oscar Ramos starts his PhD.

Oscar Ramos Ponce has started is PhD in the Gepetto group. He did is master with us, supervised by L. Saab, obtaining very nice results on the animation of the robot dynamics, and them was the leading developper on the Novela event. His topic is about applying the results obtained in simulation or replayed in open loop by the robot, on a real rigorous close-loop manner.

2011 Oct 10

Danse with HRP2 at the Novela Festival.

On saturday evening, the robot will be demonstrated in a modern dance event. The choregraphy has been designed by the artis Tayeb Benamara, that will danse with the robot during 20 minutes, on the rythmics of the DJ EnjeB. The presentation is at 7PM at the Salle du Cap, on the Campus Rangueil, Toulouse.

2011 Sep

Jean-Paul Laumond professor at the Collège de France.

Jean-Paul Laumond holds the Technological Innovation Liliane Bettencourt Chair for the year 2011/2012 at the Collège de France. The title of the lectures is ROBOTICS THE FOUNDATIONS OF A DISCIPLINE. The lectures will be announced on the web site of the chair. They are free and open to all publics. The videos of the lectures will then be available on the same web site.

2011 Jul

Philippe Souères leads the team.

Next year, Jean-Paul Laumond, who is at the origin of the Gepetto team and was leading it from its creation, is chairman at the Collège de France. The lead of the Gepetto group is now hold by Philippe Souères.