ANR Entracte Fall School

From 2014-OCT-6 to 2014-OCT-10

Place: LAAS-CNRS, Responsable: Nicolas Mansard

ENTRACTE is a ANR project dedicated to motion and manipulation path planning for humanoid robots and virtual avatars, by the understanding of human mechanics and the modelisation of its actions.

Those courses will provide mathematical and programming tools to approach ENTRACTE topics. They are about control models, libraries and softwares which are developped by the Gepetto team.

Monday 6
10AM-12AM: Welcome, introduction meeting -- Salle Hourgade, in teleconference with INRIA Rennes
13PM-16PM: From Rigid Bodies Mechanics to biomechanics, by Bruno Watier -- Salle Hourgade

Tuesday 7
9AM-12AM: Implementation of dynamics computation using spatial algebra in the Pinocchio package, by N. Mansard -- Salle Hourgade.
13PM-17PM: Practical exercises on Spatial Algebra with Pinocchio -- Salle Bauzil

Wednesday 8
9AM-12AM: Presentation of the Stack of Tasks : theory and applications, by N. Mansard -- Salle Hourgade
13PM-17PM: Practical exercises on SoT, Salle Bauzil

Thursday 9
9AM-12AM: Generation of Whole-body Motion for Humanoid Robots with the Complete Dynamics, by Oscar Ramos (PhD defense) -- Salle de Conference
13PM-14PM: Demonstration of whole body motion with HRP-2 robot -- Salle Bauzil

Friday 10
9AM-12AM: Hierarchical quadratic programming, by N. Mansard -- Salle Hourgade
13PM-17PM: Practical exercises with the SOT software -- Salle Bauzil