Dance with HRP-2

with Oscar Ramos, Olivier Stasse, Sovannara Hak and Mitsuharu Morisawa

Event of dispersion by Art. The choreography was proposed by the dancer Tayeb Benamara. The motions where recoreded by the motion capture, then adapted to the robot-HRP2 dynamic, accounting for balance and motor capabilities. The motion is computed has the optimal solution using the distance to the captured motion as a cost function, and the robot dynamics consistency as a top-priority constraint. The transfert from the 20 minutes of motion capture to the robot needed around 1h of computation time, and around 1 month of development for the team, based on the preliminary developments of dynamics retargeting from motion capture to virtual avatar.

The final motion was then scenarized by the dancer Tayeb Benamara, dancing with the robot a teacher/student relashionship, led by the rythms of the DJ EnjeB. The dance was performed three times on the night of October, the 15th, 2011, in front of 1000 persons. The next year, we did the demonstration again in front of 1500 persons without any secure device. The robot could have fall down and broke itself as it was the case in the DRC challenge.

The demonstration was the oportunity to present to the public the know-how of the group for robotics balance, as well as the limits of the technology.

Our demonstration made the front page of the Robotics and Automation Magazine, Volume 22 Issue 4, Dec. 2015. You will be to find more details in the related paper given below.



You can find a first video here: Video for the demonstration at Salle du Cap. This video was done in collaboration with Département IUT Métiers du Multimédia et de l’Internet.

A second video gives a glimpse of the demonstration at the Halle aux grains.

The last video from YouTube is here (the second part of the video is a artistic event in Toulouse center town, with a beautifull robotic costume, no scientifical link with HRP2 demo).

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