Carlos Mastalli

I am a robotics researcher in the Gepetto Team at LAAS-CNRS working on the topic of multi-contact planning and control in legged robots. My main motivation is to enable robots to move everywhere. In particular, I am focused on legged locomotion since it combines all the main challenges in robot mobility: high-dimensional and unactuated systems, discontinuous dynamics, robot interaction and perception. For that, I am interested in methods that combine optimal control and machine learning, allowing us to explore the knowledge of the system but also the vast robot’s data.

I completed my PhD on “Planning and Execution of Dynamic Whole-Body Locomotion on Challenging Terrain” in April 2017 in the Dynamic Legged System lab at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. After that, I served as Research Fellow from April to December 2017. During this period, I mainly contributed to planning, perception and control framework for legged locomotion on challenging terrain. He also considerably contributed to the software development of the team.

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Optimal Control - Motion Planning - Trajectory Optimization - Reinforcement Learning - Legged Robots - Perception