Mathieu Geisert

Address: LAAS-CNRS
7, avenue du Colonel Roche
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4
Tel: +33 5 61 33 69 93

About Me

After a technological BAC (STI-electrotechnics) and preparatory class (TSI), I've integrated ISAE-SUPAERO where I've been graduated in November 2013. During these years, I've worked on several projects about robotics and human motion :
  • Robotics club for 4 years.
  • Research project on position errors with odometry of a robot.
  • Research project on optimization of a bike, mechanic of pedaling.
  • Optimal politic and trajectory generation for a firefighter robot.
  • internship in LAAS-CNRS with Olivier Stasse : visual servoing of walking on HRP-2.

From April 2014, I was working as an engineer among Gepetto Team. I worked on the Humanoid Path Planner software and was in charge of the challenges in the EuRoC project.

Current Position

Since March 2015, I am a PhD student in the Gepetto team. I work on optimal control of dynamic "aggressive" movements of complex robots. During the first year, I work mostly on the control of complex UAVs such as quadcopters carrying pending loads and aerial manipulator. See the paper submitted to ICRA here, corresponding to the following video.