Pierre Fernbach

Site: https://pfernbach.github.io/
Email: pierre.fernbach@laas.fr
Address: LAAS-CNRS
7, avenue du Colonel Roche
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4
Tel: +33 5 61 33 63 54

Current Position

I'm a PhD student under the supervision of Michel Taïx and Steve Tonneau I graduated in the research Master "Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Robotics" at the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse) in 2014-2015. I completed the Master with an internship in the Gepetto team where I discovered motion planning.

Research Interests

My PhD thesis is about "Path planning with contact for humanoid system". I work with Steve Tonneau on designing and implementing new algorithms in the Humanoid-Path-Planner software developed by the team. I focus on Kinodynamic and contact planning.